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    to bike in Abu Dhabi
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    bike there with bikeshare


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    ride on your terms. choose your plan.

      • 1-Day Pass

        unlimited 60-minute trips in a 24-hour period

        20 AED
        • A great way to try Cyacle Bikeshare for the first time, and for spontaneous rides.
      • 3-Day Pass

        unlimited 60-minute trips in a 72-hour period

        50 AED
        • Ideal for short-term use, such as a weekend, or a longer trial of Bikeshare.

    community membership program

    bike there with bikeshare

    As a responsible community member, we provide Bikeshare as a cost-effective way to introduce sustainability across your organization by encouraging your employees to cycle as a means of transportation. It is our mission to introduce the cycling culture to the city, and with your support we get yet another step closer.

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    bike there with bikeshare

    ADCB is the proud sponsor of the first bikeshare scheme in Abu Dhabi. Helping and supporting the community is fundamental to ADCB's organisation. ADCB is committed to initiatives that encourage sustainability, health & wellbeing, and the environment – all of which are qualities that lie at the heart of ADCB Bikeshare.

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