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    We are changing Abu Dhabi two wheels at a time

    Enroll as a Community Partner today, and choose whether you'd like to offer your employees fully subsidized or partially subsidized memberships.

    Why should you invest in Bikeshare for your company?

    • Improve health and vitality of workforce: Recoup your investment in the form of increased productivity. Bikeshare provides a convenient method to integrate moderate exercise into their daily work routing. Studies have shown over 60% people exercise more when they join bikeshare programs and the number of sick days reduce by 32% for people that cycle regularly.

    • Improve retention rate: Happy employees are less likely to change firm. Studies have shown that bikeshare reduces stress in employees. Bikeshare is a perk that keeps employees more satisfied with work and builds a more positive corporate culture.

    • Raise your company profile: What better way to make a positive impact on society than by being part of the bikeshare movement? This program effectively reduces the carbon footprint of our city. It reduces the strain on government health programs and traffic control. Did you know that for every kilometer of driving replaced by cycling, there is about 150gms of carbon emissions spared from the atmosphere?

    become a community sponsor

    When companies provide bikes, employees ride them. And when they ride them, the benefits start to roll in …

    The bikeshare community membership program allows businesses and community groups to offer discounted bikeshare annual memberships to their employees. We have options for organizations of all sizes, enabling you to choose a level of commitment that works best for you.

    Community Pricing

    Gear 1 Gear 2 Gear 3
    (upto 500 employees required to participate upon agreement. Minimum of 50 required.) (500-1000 employees required to participate upon agreement) (1000+ employees required to participate upon agreement)
    AED 350/employee AED 250/employee AED 175/employee
    Starter Kit
    Ridership Analytics
    Introductory Lessons
    Brand Placement
    Corporate Events
    Bespoke Station Placement

    Deep dive into the perks

    • Starter Kit
      The starter kit includes the membership key, a discount voucher for helmets and accessories and a guide on how to cycle safely. Last but not least a map of all station locations and cycle paths across the city is also included.

    • Ridership Analytics
      Users can register online to track their ridership statistic at any time. On request analytics can also be viewed on a firm wide level. Incentive users by simply rewarding top performers.

    • Introductory Lessons
      We schedule a limited number of promotional in-office visits for corporate partners at mutually convenient times. Not familiar with cycling yet? We provide a complimentary yearly introductory lesson to cycling in general and bike share more specifically to promote safer cycling.

    • Brand placement
      Sponsors who invest in bikeshare community memberships will have their brand featured on our website, in social media posts and on events.

    • Corporate Events
      Why not tie a social event with a healthy activity. We can organize yearly events for your employees or community members.

    • Bespoke Station Placement
      Gear 3 sponsors will have the opportunity to get their own station placed at their desired location. Furthermore Gear 3 sponsors will be entitled to the naming rights of this station which will be featured on all our maps.

    Become part of the bikeshare revolution… today!
    Contact us and we’ll set up a meeting to let you know how it works and get you started.