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    bike there with bikeshare

    Download the free Cyacle Mobile App on your iOS and Android device for real-time information.

    With the App you can locate the nearest bike station, view the number of available bikes and docking points, map out a route, view ridership statistics, share your rides with friends, take advantage of local promotions, and enjoy other functions to enhance your ride.

    Always remember to ride responsibly, keep your mind on the road and your phone in your pocket while riding. Start Demo

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    • Download the App

      The Cyacle Mobile app for iPhone or Android is the perfect guide to get you around Abu Dhabi on bike.

      Download it today and Cyacle on the go.

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    • Sign In

      Create an account to purchase a 1-Day Pass or 3-Day Pass right from your iPhone or Android smartphone!

      If you're a frequent rider you can sign up for a Monthly or Annual membership and Cyacle members can get mobile ride codes through the app to conveniently unlock a bike instead of using their bike key.

      See the instructions on how to purchase passes and link your bike key to your account through the app.

      Become a Cyacle-ist today!

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    • How to Use

      Skip the kiosk and rent a bike easily right from your phone! Find stations near you and be able to view real-time bike and dock availability. Save your favorite stations to find them again easily for your next ride.

      Once you've set up your account, you're now able to rent a bike. Select "RENT BIKE" and enter your 5-digit ride code into the keypad of any dock with an available bike to unlock it. To ride again while your pass is active, just tap "RENT BIKE" at the nearest station.

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    • Plan a Route

      Not sure where the next station is? Use the Cyacle App to find stations closer to you when you're ready to grab a bike. Map out the best route to get to your destination or end a ride.

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    • Account Management

      Managing your account is quite easy. You can locate the number of available bikes and docking points or simply map out a route. We’ll show you your last ride and your all-time stats, including the number of trips and total distance you've traveled.

      Enable push notifications to get important updates on your ride. We’ll show you a timer for your current ride, so you can make sure you stay under 60 minutes each trip to avoid overtime fees. And we'll let you know when you’ve successfully docked your bike and ended a ride, so you never have to worry about walking away with the clock still ticking.

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